Introducing my self.

Dr. Anhar Hafiz is highly competent and experienced in the field of ophthalmology, with a strong track record of performing various procedures, both anterior and posterior segment surgeries with expertise. He has an excellent experience as a part-time clinical lecturer, teaching medical and optometrist students, as well as providing guidance to junior medical officers, master trainees, and fellows. With his vast experience and educational background, Dr. Anhar Hafiz is a highly skilled ophthalmologist and well-equipped to provide high-quality eye care to patients.


MBBS (Jordan), DrOphthal (UKM), CCFT in Vitreoretinal Surgery (M’sia)

Clinic Hours

Monday : No Clinic

Tuesday : 8.30 am – 1.00 pm

Wednesday : No Clinic

Thursday : No Clinic

Friday : No Clinic

Saturday : No Clinic


Procedure Focus

  1. Cataract Surgeries
  2. Vitreoretinal Surgeries ( Diabetic Vitrectomy )
  3. Retinal Detachment Surgeries
  4. Scleral Buckling
  5. VitreoMacular Interface Surgeries
  6. Pneumatic displacement
  7. Phacofragmentation
  8. Removal of Oil
  9. Implantable Aphakic Correction
  10. Laser procedures
  11. Intravitreal injection


Specializations and Clinical Focus

  1. Cataract
  2. Vitreoretinal surgeries
  3. Eye infection & Inflammation
  4. General eye disease


Language Spoken

Bahasa Melayu

Dr. Anhar Hafiz

Vitreoretinal Surgeon

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