THONEH’s policy

  • It is the policy of The Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital (THONEH) to encourage a caring, considerate and hospitable care and treatment to our valued patients.
  • It is recognized that each patient is a vital participant in the treatment plan and therefore has rights and responsibilities regarding their treatment.

The Joint Commission International (JCI) of the United States of America (USA) accreditation in patient safety and quality of healthcare is an extensive and rigorous process, making it the gold standard within the healthcare industry. To ensure that THONEH maintains itself as a center of excellence, we have engaged with JCI to audit our processes. We are proud to have achieved JCI’s accreditation for the second time in 2017.

Patient rights and THONEH’s responsibilities statements

Access to care

  • THONEH is responsible to render you quality care and services with an emphasis on safety and ensure your rights to proper evaluation and treatment, and proper pain assessment and pain management that are free from abuse.
  • You have the right to request for any spiritual services/religious requirements.
  • You have the right to receive fair, considerate treatment regardless of age, gender, race, creed, nationality, origin, economic status, lifestyle or disability at all times.
  • You have the right and are encouraged to participate in the development and implementation of your care plan which include rights to make decisions regarding your medical care, accept and refuse treatment and rights to formulate advance directive.

Privacy and confidentiality

  • Your right to privacy and confidentiality are a priority.
  • You have the right and should be provided with opportunities to talk privately with the medical personnel, visitors and others when clinically and medically possible.
  • THONEH is responsible to ensure that all medical records and personal information are confidential and are protected from any loss or misuse as prescribed under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA).
  • THONEH is responsible to obtain an informed consent from its patients when their medical information may be used for any form of publication or research.

Access to information

  • THONEH is responsible to inform you of who and about your attending medical practitioners. These include your consultants, medical officers and nurses responsible for your care.
  • THONEH’s medical practitioners are responsible to ensure that you are able to understand all aspects of your condition in terms of the diagnosis, its treatment plans, outcomes of the condition with or without treatment, complications of treatment plans, possible risks of treatment, follow-up care and and expected recuperation time for treatments, that can assist you in making a well informed decision on the proposed treatment plan, including the right to refuse treatment.
  • THONEH is responsible to provide you interpreters or staffs who speak your language including braille and sign language for you to openly communicate your thoughts and concerns so that you can express it without any language barriers.
  • You have the right in expressing grievance regarding any violation of your rights as prescribed under the Malaysian law through our internal procedure.
  • THONEH provides counselling on the availability of known financial resources for your care on request.
  • You have the right to obtain a copy of your medical report for your safekeeping, at a prescribed fee.

Refusal of treatment

  • As a patient, you have the right to refuse treatment proposed by your consultant to the extent it is permitted by law, after you have been informed of the potential medical consequences of refusal.
  • It is your responsibility to accept any of the consequences of refusing such treatment, not following the recommended treatment or leaving our clinics against medical advice.

Respect and consideration

  • You have the right to raise concerns of your medical care and service by contacting the medical professionals in-charge of your care (consultants, medical officers and/nurses) or through THONEH’s internal procedures.
  • THONEH’s medical staffs are responsible to assess your concerns of your medical care and give you an appropriate reply.
  • THONEH’s staffs are responsible to respect your dignity at all times and to do their best in accommodating your personal preferences so as to honor your psychosocial, spiritual beliefs and cultural values.
  • THONEH is responsible to protect the interests of patients belonging in the vulnerable group such as children, the disabled, the elderly and any other patient within this group.
  • THONEH has zero tolerance to verbal and physical assault towards any of our staffs or patients.
  • THONEH aspires to respect every person present in our premise, including other patients, minors, visitors and our staffs. This further extends to our properties, equipment and facilities.
  • THONEH promotes non-smoking and non-vaping in or near our facility and premise in line with the Ministry of Health Malaysia laws and regulations.

Payment for care

  • You have the right to receive guidelines explaining our fee schedule and payment policies upon being registered into THONEH’s patient system.
  • You have the right to request an estimation of future charges.
  • It is your responsibility to make prompt payment at the time of service, including co-pay, co-insurance, deductibles and any other uncovered charges as applicable.