Paediatric Eye Conditions

Paediatric Eye Conditions – Refractive Error

THONEH’s Paediatric Ophthalmologists aim to ensure that each child has a bright and clear future. With the latest technologies and internationally recognised best practices supporting our specialists, we ensure your child is given optimal eye care for the various conditions affecting the paediatric population.

Among the commonest eye problem in children are:-

  1. Refractive Error
  2. Amblyopia (long eye)
  3. Strabismus (squint)






What is Refractive Error ?

Refractive errors occur when the refractive power of the eye does not connect with the axial length of the eye, so the image does not fall on the retina.

How to tell if your child may have vision problems?

  • Sitting very close to the television
  • Holding a book too close while reading
  • Squinting or tilting the head to see better
  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • Sensitive to light and/or excessive tearing
  • Squeezing the eyes to read or watch television
  • Avoiding activities such as reading (requiring near vision) or participating in sports or other recreational activities (requiring far vision)
  • Complains of headaches or tired eyes
  • Complains of being unable to see the whiteboard in class

Comprehensive Eye Examination for Children


All babies should have had their first eye examination at 6 months of age.


A second eye examination at age 3-4.


All children should have an eye examination at the age of 6, just before starting school.

Children with refractive errors should have an annual eye check till adulthood.  

How are Refractive Error in Children treated ?

Prescription eye glasses correct refractive errors and allow clear vision. In the recent year there are new options in the treatment of refractive errors. Myopia control treatment using special ophthalmic lenses can be opted for to prevent the progression of refractive error.  Contact lens wear using special hard lens and long term use of eye drops can also be opted.

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